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Kevin Sherin MD

Kevin M. Sherin, MD, recently served as the Health Officer of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County. He serves as a volunteer in free clinics and teaches medical students. His interests include practices and research for the prevention of violence, ACES and trauma.

Dr. Sherin is a seasoned health care professional with three decades of experience. Upon graduating from Notre Dame with Honors in Pre-Med, he pursued his MD at Loyola Medical School. At UIC-affiliated MacNeal Hospital, he completed his residency and served as chief resident. After his residency completion, he worked as a family doctor at Christ Hospital on Chicago’s Southwest side, at Rush Medical College in Chicago, and studied public health at UIC. For ten years, he served as a Program Director of the UIC-Christ Family Medicine Residency Program. He recruited prospective residents, trained them and supervised their inpatient and outpatient care units. During his tenure, more than 90 residents graduated. During his later time at Christ Hospital, he received research grants and developed tools that would be beneficial to underserved communities on Chicago’s South Side. One such tool was the highly regarded HITS, for intimate partner violence screening, for which Dr. Sherin holds a copyright. The acronym corresponds to questions that elicit information about how often a woman’s male partner Hurt, Insulted, Threatened with harm, and Screamed at them. This questionnaire has been used nationally as an effective, evidence based approach to helping women in dangerous relationships and is well regarded in the field. 
He wants to help the public as well as address the forces that are creating unhealthy conditions in the first place.  He is most proud of being successful in serving as an advocate for others and contributing to the needs of underserved populations in multiple settings. Dr. Sherin’s personal mission remains using his talents for serving others. 

Dr. Kevin Sherin MD Receives Distinguished Service Award

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About HITS

HITS started one evening, when Kevin and Gail witnessed a disturbing domestic violence activity of one of their neighbors. The woman came over to their house and asked for help. She was disfigured by the beatings of her spouse. Although, Kevin and Gail were both medical professionals, they did not know what to do. Shaken by that experience, they both realized that there is no mechanism to detect and avoid these horrific events in people’s lives. Therefore, they discussed ways that the neighbor’s trauma and many other women experienced could be helped. So they created a simple questionnaire that could be beneficial to those in the medical and criminal justice field. The tool was thoroughly researched at the University of Illinois and further validated at the University of Texas SW, Dallas. Dr. Sherin upgraded and personalized it to be easily used by those abused. No one wants to talk about domestic violence experiences, but using this tool it gave hope to those in need to be able to start open us and share their pain.
It is a screening tool and not a diagnostic tool and does need more detailed follow up for suspected at risk clients. There is always the possibility of a false negative test as well, so clinical judgment is critical.
The tool is effective for creating self-awareness, as well as for research. It is been used in six continents, and translated into multiple languages.  Examples of usage: State Agencies, Healthcare Settings, Court System, Hospitals, Nursing Students, books and publications. States that use this tool are: Alaska, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New Jersey, among others. The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), has recommended DV/IPV screening, level B, for routine use in all women of childbearing age. Scientific evidence supports screening. The USPSTF recommendation is new as of January 2013. New England Journal of Medicine, Nov. 29, 2012 recommended the HITS. Intimate-Partner Violence — What Physicians Can Do.
The HITS Screening Tool for Domestic Violence.
• November 29, 2012
• Liebschutz J.M. and Rothman E.F.
• N Engl J Med 2012; 367:2071-2073
Cycles of violence affect families placing children, elders, and pets at risk often requiring DCF and related agency involvement. It is crucial to align systems and referrals, as they are needed.
There is also a smart phone app for free download that I believe can help many and it is known as R3. It also contains referral sources and disclaimers, and uses the HITS tool. It can be used by women who are possible victims or by professionals and it was developed in collaboration with our local hospital, FL Hospital,  Harbor House of Central FL, our DV shelter, and Echo Interaction Group, Justecho.com.
The HITS tool is Copyrighted in 2005 by Kevin Sherin MD. This evidence based screening tool can be purchased for a nominal fee, structured based on the type of organization or category.
Kevin Sherin MD
Orlando, FL
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The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM)
Recognized DOH-Orange Health Officer Dr. Kevin Sherin

With a Distinguished Service Award at a ceremony in Chicago. The recognition highlighted Dr. Sherin’s outstanding contributions and service in the field of preventive medicine and in appreciation for leadership in attaining the objectives of the ACPM.